What is a Vent Tube?

Circular tubes, whose diameters vary between 600 mm and 1200 mm, used for the purpose of transmitting clean air to the underground in tunnels and underground mining activities are called ventilation tubes.

Protan, the world's leading manufacturer of ventilation systems for mines and tunnels, provides the world with innovative and efficient ventilation systems for mines and tunnels. All of the systems produced by Protan are made to measure for each project and have five different channel qualities. All channel grades are flame retardant and self-extinguishing. Both channel qualities have antistatic properties. It has been specially developed for environments where highly flammable gases may form.

How Are Ventilation Tubes Used?

Ventiflex Air, Ventiflex Shaft and Ventiflex Dup, one of Protan's three flexible ventilation systems, are among the world's most innovative systems for mines and tunnels.

Protan Ventiflex Duo is a concept developed to move air through narrow passages or tunnels with limited headroom without sacrificing airflow. For narrow passages, instead of compromising the air duct and other features of the designed ventilation system, the main duct is replaced with two ducts of smaller diameter via a transition piece. Protan Ventiflex Duo has a larger cross-section than similar systems, which means lower energy consumption for the same installation height and fan output. More air is transmitted with the same fan output. Two standard channels are independent in Protan Ventiflex Duo applications. And it uses all standard connection systems. The advantage is obvious and there is no conceptual limitation for duo channel total channel length setup.

Protan Ventiflex Air is known as the concept where membrane materials, connection types and welding technology come together to create a world-class ventilation duct system. Protan Ventiflex Air is a world-class ventilation concept. It is also the first flexible ventilation system developed and manufactured in Europe. Duct grades in the Protan Ventiflex Air series are developed and produced in a specially developed membrane for ventilation ducts. Reinforced polyester textile is produced in Protan's own facilities to ensure it has the right properties. The textile, and thus the membrane, is much stronger axially and radially due to its air pressure properties. polyester textile, it is not knitted in such a way as to minimize the length and size of any damage or tear. It is covered with strong PVC that helps optimize strength and prevent delamination when the textile is subjected to high pressure and stress. However, if damage occurs, Protan has the experience and expertise to enable the majority of field repairs to be performed without any reduction in the capacity or quality of the ventilation system.

Protan Ventiflex Shaft has been developed for vertical fresh air supply from shaft construction. For some underground structures, it is necessary to supply fresh air from vertical shafts. Protan can provide a shaft duct system designed to overcome this situation and meet the demands of such a system. The Protan Ventiflex Shaft is made with two, three or Four suspension ribs attached using non-slip hooks and clips. The wire has a tension on the end to ensure correct alignment.

Advantages of Ventilation Tubes

Protan products provide clean air for underground mining and tunnel work. It controls the air quality inside the tunnels during construction. It is effective in protecting escape routes from smoke gases and heat in case of fire. Ventilation systems are also needed in underground transportation.

Protan Ventiflex fittings are developed to optimize airflow in accordance with the laws of aerodynamics. It is meticulously produced in the strongest channel quality to withstand high stress. Protan fasteners come in all diameters and for all fastening systems. Ventiflex fittings can be customized to specification for more extreme duct installations to ensure optimum airflow, such as long duct installations.

Protan Ventiflex Antistatic is used in tunnels and mines with explosive atmospheres. Ideal for coal mines and tunnels where gas conditions may occur.

Protan channel attributes are all based on experience, aerodynamic expertise and comprehensive product development.

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