Careers at Protan

Our Human Resources Policy;

As Protan Turkey; To have excellent human resources with a transparent, fair, value-adding and continuous improvement perspective supported by the best human resources practices.

Choosing the Talent;


The main purpose of the selection and placement system; It is to provide the institution with people with high education level, open to innovation and change, entrepreneurial ability, dynamic, having the potential to develop themselves and their work, train employees, work in teams, adopt and protect the values of the Institution.

The main principle in selection and placement is to provide equal opportunities to those who have the competencies (knowledge, skills, behavior) required by the job and who will adopt and keep the Community values alive, without any discrimination and privilege.

In Protan Turkey, it is essential that the practices in the recruitment process are carried out within the same standards in all organizations without exception.

Developing Talent;

At Protan Turkey, it is believed that the development of employees can be achieved through continuous learning and knowledge, and it is aimed to create an environment where everyone can learn, try and develop continuously.

It is accepted as the basic responsibility of the employee to develop himself and his job and to create value. The management has adopted it as a responsibility to provide everyone with the necessary opportunities and guidance in order to ensure that the employees are fully informed within their field of expertise and to develop themselves and their jobs by using this information.

As in all human resources practices, training and development activities are also associated with the institution's strategic goals and priorities. Current and future organizational and individual needs are taken into account, and the managerial and professional development needs of the employees are determined accordingly.

Training programs are differentiated in terms of content, scope, and presentation methods, taking into account corporate goals, priorities and personal needs, and are presented according to needs.

Managing Talent;

Career Management

In Protan Turkey, career management is seen as a part of strategic human resources planning.

Career management is human resource planning aimed at determining human resource requirements in line with strategic plans and primarily identifying and developing human resources within the Institution with the qualifications to meet these requirements.

The greatest power in achieving the goals determined by strategic plans is the employees who have adopted the corporate values and aim to achieve these goals with all their performance. It is of great importance that human resources are managed effectively, efficiently and in a way that will benefit from the synergy of being an institution in line with these targets.

Performance management

Performance management is accepted as the basic approach in Protan Turkey. Performance Management System; It is an effective and important management tool that enables the value created by individuals to be guided in line with common goals and objectives by integrating corporate goals with individual goals.

With the Performance Management System, it is aimed to strengthen and improve performance and to reward employees who show superior performance differently from others.

The basic criteria in performance evaluation are business goals. The targets set for the institution; management, department and individual level. An objective assessment is made by taking into account the realization of business goals reduced to individuals

Organization Management

Protan Turkey’de  kuruluşlarının organizasyon yapılarında yer alan pozisyonların,  ortak bir metodoloji ile iş değerlendirmesinin yapılması ve iş büyüklüğünün belirlenmesi esastır.

İşlerin göreceli büyüklüklerinin uluslararası geçerliliği olan bir iş değerleme metodolojisi ile belirli kriterler çerçevesinde objektif olarak değerlendirilmesi

Global, yerel ve sektörel piyasa ücret araştırma sonuçları ile mevcut ücret yapısını kolaylıkla karşılaştıracak bir altyapı oluşturulması

İnsan kaynakları süreçlerinin (seçme ve yerleştirme, eğitim ve geliştirme, kariyer yönetimi vb.) entegrasyonunu ve bütünsel yönetimini kolaylaştıracak ortak bir altyapı oluşturulması hedeflenir.

Competency Management

Competencies are the knowledge, skills and behaviors required for the employee to fulfill his basic responsibilities determined by his job profile.

In Protan Turkey, the Competency Set and Competency assessment methodology are used to determine the strengths and development needs of the employees, to improve the way of doing business, to improve the individual performance and team performance, to offer a more professional work environment and career development opportunities to the employees.

Competencies required by each position are determined, relevant behaviors are defined and shared with employees.

Once a year, competence assessment meetings are held with employees to identify areas open to improvement and strengths.

Competence evaluation results constitute input to the Development Planning System. Annual plans are made to develop the relevant competencies of the employee in line with the corporate goals.

Skill Management

In Protan Turkey, every employee is considered a talent.

One of the basic principles in the field of human management is to invest in people.

An institutional resource management and "prioritization" systematic applied by all those who manage the human resources with the same understanding is used in order to use investment resources effectively in investing in people.

Talent Management is all of the holistic and systematic practices coordinated in order to train future generations and future business leaders.

In Protan Turkey, in people management practices, individual; knowledge, experience, competence, personal characteristics and individual performance dimensions are handled in a holistic manner.

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