Protan is the world's leading manufacturer of ventilation systems for mines and tunnels.

Protan supplies the whole world with innovative and efficient ventilation systems for mines and tunnels. Ventiflex - the art of transporting fresh air.

When Protan introduced Ventiflex in 1949, we were the first in Europe to provide flexible ventilation ducts for mines and tunnels. Our ventilation ducts became an international success immediately. Since then, we have built an extensive know-how and broad-based experience that form the basis for today's worldleading products and solutions.

About Ventiflex Ventilation Systems

Our three flexible ventilation systems, Ventiflex Air, Ventiflex Duo and Ventiflex Shaft, are among the most innovative in the world for mines and tunnels.



Protan products have been preferred in thousands of projects from tunnels to large-scale industrial buildings, from green roof projects to water structures all over the world. Our product and system warranties for projects are an integral part of our technical services.


Ventiflex Documents and Certificates


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