Protan's Business Areas

Protan manufactures technical textiles and ventilation systemsfor providing customised roofing and storage solutions that are innovative.

Roofs and membranes

Roofs and membranes division is the largest business area in Protan Group. We are a supplier of complete, tailor-made solutions and systems for roofs, both exposed and protected. Protan also delivers high quality membranes for wet rooms and terraces, plus we supply radon protective membranes for new builds and renovations. We have also developed special solutions for design roofs, 'cool roofs' and green roofs.  We tailor solutions according to the needs of the customer. Protan cooperates closely with leading contractors and architects in the Nordic countries, Europe and Russia.

Ventilation Systems

Protan's flexible ventilation systems are the most innovative in Europe. We deliver ventilation systems for mines and tunnels around the world through the product Ventiflex. In collaboration with our customers, we produce several hundred kilometres of ventilation pipes for mines and tunnels every year. We win projects through local partners in the Nordic countries, Europe, South America and Africa Protan's ventilation systems are characterized by their unique durability, great flexibility and low weight. The ventilation pipes have long life spans, which ensure re-use and efficient project planning. The Ventiflex qualities are self-extinguishing, fireproof and resistant to chemicals. Installing is fast and easy and the products are maintenance-free.

Technical Textiles

The technical textiles business areas feature wide selection of products and solutions adapted to many areas of use and industries. Our technical textiles can be used in plastic halls around the world - from arctic regions to the tropics - such as storage halls,  hangars, sports arenas and hospital tents, speedway, water storage and refugee camps.
Our awnings protect goods and materials on construction sites, in boat harbours and in industry and agriculture. We deliver sealing materials for water and frost protection in mountain halls and road tunnels. To the agriculture industry, we deliver maintenance-free silo bags, fertilizer tanks and leakproof covers for fertilizer pits, which prevent leakage and emissions into the terrain, ground water and water courses.
The oil industry is an important customer for us. Through advanced product development, we developed so-called oil bags in large dimensions for collecting and storing oil spills.
We work closely with our customers in product development and innovation.