What is Roofing?

The process of covering wooden, concrete or metal roof skeletons with various materials is called roofing.

What Does Roofing Applications Do?

Roofs are faced with many different factors, internal and external, due to their location. By regularly maintaining, repairing and insulating roofs, which are one of the most basic building materials of buildings, the durability of the building can be increased and the building's longevity can be achieved.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Roofing Materials?

There are many different types of roofing materials. The materials to be used in roofing applications should be carefully selected for the area where the application will be made. In order to be successful in roofing applications, attention should be paid to both choosing the right materials and making the application with good workmanship.

Roofing materials to be used; It varies according to factors such as country, region, geographical and climatic characteristics. Severe weather changes in the form of extreme cold or extreme heat can cause wear and tear on the roof, like all building materials of buildings. For this reason, the maintenance and repair of the roofs must be followed regularly and the most suitable materials for the roof must be applied in the most correct ways and with quality workmanship.

What are the Types of Roofing Materials?

Protan SE membrane, produced by Protan with high quality, can be applied anywhere, whether straight or curved. Having softened / stretched properties, the PVC membrane easily adapts to all weather conditions and climates. Protan SE membrane series; Polyester reinforcement used on exposed roof surfaces is known as a reinforced PVC membrane. It can be fixed mechanically as well as applied to a vacuum roof system by laying, or it can be laid loosely on a vacuum roof system. The membrane can be applied and laid on all types of surfaces and substrates, including hot and cold roofs. Protan SE; It can be used on all shapes and combinations of flat, pitched roofs and curved roofs. Protan SE membrane products can be used for open roof mounting to vacuum and mechanical fastening systems.

The Protan EX membrane can be mechanically installed or easily installed in a vacuum roof system. It is also suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Protan EX membrane is produced by mounting polyester reinforcement and polyester felt on the lower part of the membrane. It can be applied directly to bituminous roofing and wooden surfaces.

Protan FPO/TPO is a flexible membrane that stands out for its suitability for exposed roofs and protected structures. It is suitable for all construction industries, including new builds and renovations.

Protan EVA is a long-lasting, single-layer waterproofing membrane. Due to its strong molecular structure, it can remain stable and durable for many years. PVC membranes developed with Protan EVA provide precise and clear solutions in terms of insulation. In addition, Protan EVA provides long-term weldability with enhanced chemical, heat and UV resistance.

Advantages of Roofing

The main task of the roof is to catch the effects such as wind and rain coming to the top of the building and their impacts and to reduce the pressure to minimum values. When the roof is reinforced against all environmental effects, damage to the living areas below is prevented.

The quality of the roofing materials used is extremely important in terms of the longevity of the building and the healthy continuation of the life in it.



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