• EN 13491

  • EN 13956 - EN 13967

  • EN 13956 – EN13967 :2012

  • TS EN 13361

  • Protan ISO 14001
  • Protan ISO 9001
  • Protan 45001

  • IAB G Certificate
  • IAB SE, EX, EXG Certificate

What is an EPD?

All our products are profiled according to EPD guidelines.The profiling helps to standardise the product and it is easy to make comparisons.

An environmental declaration is a short document that summarises the environmental profile of a component, a finished product or a service in a standardised and objective manner. The abbreviation EPD is used both in English, Norwegian and internationally. EPD is the abbreviation of Environmental Product Declaration.

The requirements for how an EPD to be made is specified in ISO standard 14025 Environmental Labels and Declarations Type III. An EPD is made on the basis of a life cycle analysis (LCA) according to ISO 14040-14044. The standardised methods which ensure that environmental information within the same product category be compared from product to product, regardless of region or country. 
The aim is to enable customers to compare the environmental profile and make an assessment and selection based on EPD. Office furniture, cleaning services, a ton of standard cement used in concrete in a housing project, or one kWh of hydroelectric power to heat an office building are all examples of what can be environmentally declared.

Independently verified declarations ensure environmental information according to the following four requirements: objectivity, comparability and credibility.

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure - European Technical Assessment (ETA) and Technical approvals

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