HSE at Protan

Protan will be an attractive workplace with a good working environment.

Health and Safety Executive

We work continuously with health-promoting initiatives and aim to be a workplace where no one gets injured or sick as a result of their work.
Good health is important for all of us in Protan, and it is a critical factor in order for us to achieve our specified goals. We therefore focus on the employees' health and on making continuous improvements to the working environment.
We conduct our business through efficient use of materials and energy, with a focus on reducing the use of natural resources and reducing emissions and waste. We aim to make all of our products capable of being recycled or stored safely.
Protan has good safety procedures and training in these products in order to reduce accidents and damage to people, the environment and materials.
Regular checks are carried out both internally and externally to ensure compliance with the company's policies regarding HSE, quality and the external environment in all parts of the Group.